15:30 - 17:45
David M. Grundmanns
Shared by Panellists
Meeting Room L

Benjamin G. Engst, David M. Grundmanns, Thomas Gschwend
Give them the word, they sharpen the sword: How high courts use language to exert political and societal power

David M. Grundmanns
Mobilizing the public - the importance of mediators for judicial opinion-writing

Daniel Naurin, Johan Lindholm, Philipp Schroeder
‘As you were saying’: Framing decisions at the Court of Justice of the European Union

Gemma Lligadas Gonzalez
Inter-judicial Coordination: the key to courts' leverage as international actors.

Felix Olsowski
Judicial Independence under Threat: The Appointment of Judges in Clientelistic Regimes
Benjamin G. Engst
(University of Mannheim | Mannheim Centre for European Social Research | Collaborative Research Center 884)
David M. Grundmanns
(Mannheim Centre for European Social Research | University of Mannheim)
Gemma Lligadas Gonzalez
(Oxford University, Department of Politics and International Relations | ESADE Law School, Ramon Llull University)