Working with multiple knowledge systems to build resilience
Contributed session - Multi-level governance and biosphere stewardship
Room 24/25 (70)
09:00 - 10:30
Maria Tengö, Rosemary Hill
The session will evaluate how and whether connecting indigenous, local, practitioner, policy and other actors' knowledge systems together with scientific knowledge systems contributes to building resilience. Specifically, participants will present and evaluate case studies, methods and theories that provide evidence or contra-indications for how working with multiple knowledge systems can: (1) maintain diversity and redundancy; (2) manage connectivity; (3) manage slow variables and feedbacks; (4) foster complex adaptive systems thinking; (5) encourage learning; (6) broaden participation; and (7) promote polycentric governance. In addition to the presenters, Leah Talbot, CSIRO, will join as a discussant.
Beau Austin 1, 2, Otto Bulmaniya Campion 3, Cathy Robinson 1, 2
1 Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Darwin, Australia, 2 Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia, 3 Balngarra Clan, Malnyangarnak, Australia
Million Belay Ali
Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm, Sweden
Marina Apgar 1, Simone Lovera 2, 3
1 Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, United Kingdom, 2 Global Forest Coalition, Asuncion, Paraguay, 3 Centre for Sustainable Development Studies, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, Amsterdam, Netherlands