Reflections – on people and the biosphere
Art session
Floor 5
08:50 - 19:00
Swedish Art Director Lars Hall has taken photos from the very same spot on the island Grillskäret in the Baltic Sea over a period of 30 years. Three decades of persistence is documented here through the pictures, reflecting diverse impressions and a changing environment. The exhibition presents a selection of these images together with texts by Stockholm Resilience Centre’s scientific director Carl Folke. Art photography, science and music quotes reinforce each other and reflect resilience – the capacity to live, persist and develop with changing conditions in a globally intertwined world of humans, societies and nature. This exhibition offers a truly reflective and beautiful way to re-connect to the biosphere and engage with the science of resilience. Carl Folke will give a guided tour of the exhibition Tuesday and Wednesday at 13.00 during the conference.

By Lars Hall and Carl Folke