Radical Ocean Futures
Art session
M1, Floor 4
08:50 - 19:00
Sometimes science fiction can attract attention where scientific papers fall short. Stockholm Resilience Centre staff member Andrew Merrie commissioned conceptual artist Simon Stålenhag to bring a set of scenarios about the future oceans to life. Stålenhag came up with four eerie and thought-provoking images. Two of the scenarios represent more utopian visions of the future, the other two are more dystopian. They are written as speculative fiction in different, engaging narrative styles: a travel magazine article, an obituary, the transcript of a “TED”-like talk, and a series of recovered journal entries. K. La Luna is the talented musical alter ego of Dr. Kaitlyn Rathwell, herself a sustainability scientist. K. La Luna created original musical interpretations for each of the stories about our future oceans. The collaboration with Stålenhag is part of an ongoing science-communications project called ‘Radical Ocean Futures.’ The project was financed through a science communications grant from The Swedish Research Council Formas and has received extensive attention in various media.

By Andrew Merrie, Simon Stålenhag and K. La Luna