Patterns of the biosphere
Art session
Floor 2
08:50 - 19:00
”The biosphere is the thin outer layer of this planet in which life exists. We humans are part of the biosphere and completely dependent on the air, the oceans, the forests and all other ecological systems in order to survive and thrive.” This is the overarching message for this exhibition where contemporary Swedish artists have interpreted key concepts and insights from the transdisciplinary research of the Beijer Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Created together with Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn, whose profit goes to supporting research, the exhibition consists of four illustrations and the centrepiece is the transformation Josef Frank’s classic cabinet into a sculpture interpreting the adaptive cycle model.

By Eric Ericson, Jesper Waldersten, Liselotte Watkins, Stina Wirsén and Guringo design studio. With Svenskt Tenn and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics.