17:45 - 20:00
Maria Zuffova
Maarja Lühiste
Meeting Room B

Maria Zuffova
When gender stereotypes matter: media portrayal of Slovak presidential candidates in 2009 and 2019

Amanda Haraldsson
Untangling responses to media discrimination in Sweden and Italy: When and why might media discrimination increase women’s political ambition?

Jens Wäckerle, Bruno Castanho Silva, Danielle Pullan
Gendered Communication and Women’s Political Careers in 19 Democracies

Yesola Kweon
We see Symbols But Not Saviors: Gender Representation and the Political Attitudes of Working-class Women
Danielle Pullan
(Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, University of Cologne | International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy, University of Cologne)