15:00 - 16:40
Content of political communication II
Room: Meeting Room 2.3
Panel Session 4
A. Maurits van der Veen
Christian Arnold
A. Maurits van der Veen - Many identities, one discourse? Measuring the European public sphere
Kristijan Fidanovski - The Perils of Protracted EU Accession: “Eurofundamentalist” and “Euroopportunistic” Governmental Discourses on the EU in North Macedonia and Serbia
Christina Gahn - How much targeting is `too much'? Voters' backlash on highly targeted campaign messages
Olesya Sheblo - Discursive strategies of the authoritarian regime in Myanmar concerning country’s involvement into regional cooperation: evidence from the computational text analysis
Christian Arnold - The Politics of Psychological Distance
Christina Gahn
(Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS), Humboldt University of Berlin | University of Vienna)
Christian Arnold
(Cardiff University)
A. Maurits van der Veen
(William & Mary)