13:10 - 14:50
Analyzing Politics and Public Policy
Room: Club D
Panel Session 3
Brian Kisida
Lea Portmann
Barbara Piotrowska - The effects of banning "extremists" on selection into and job satisfaction in the civil service
Niklas Harder, Samir Khalil - What we do in the shadows: A large scale analysis of biased policing in Germany.
Rasmus Schjødt - Making sense of mandatory activation - vulnerable young people's motivation for participation in job placements in Denmark.
Elisa Wirsching - Political Power of Bureaucratic Agents: Evidence from Policing in New York City
Brian Kisida - The Effect of Charter Schools on School Segregation
Niklas Harder
(Deutsches Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung | Immigration Policy Lab, Stanford),
Samir Khalil
(Deutsches Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung | University of Potsdam)
Brian Kisida
(University of Missouri)
Barbara Piotrowska
(Department of Political Economy, King's College London)